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Superior Real Estate Data. Period.

The CompFlo Application was developed and designed by a field appraiser for one, very specific purpose: To pull comps. Given the regulatory environment and the ever expanding scope of work, fresh and accurate data absolutely is necessary to building a compliant work-file and a credible report. We’ve deployed “Best in Class” technology to help our user base do just that.

Time is Money.

Over the last 5 years the scope of work for an appraiser has increased exponentially. Appraisers find themselves taking longer than ever to complete an appraisal assignment. Developed in a way that leverages the most sophisticated technology available, the CompFlo application is designed specifically to allow appraisers to complete an assignment faster and with greater reliability.   Do more with less time.

Web Based & Field Ready.

How it Works.

CompFlo’s extraction technology pulls 260 points of non‐confidential data from appraisal reports submitted by appraisers or lenders. The submission process is USPAP/State law compliant and is supported by the confidentiality agreement provided to users who contribute data. The data submission is completely automated with the extraction and introduction of data into the system within a 24‐48 hour period. Thanks to UAD, users will be able to search recently submitted records in a much more granular format. Search parameters include everything from year built and GLA to condominium project information. Once selected, appraisers are able to print records or utilize a file export function which autopopulates UAD forms. Appraisers can expect to shave 45 minutes to an hour from report prep time.

Our Goal is Straightforward.

To leverage technology in such a way that our user base can do their job better and faster. Going forward, we will focus on this core principle by continually working to improve the system without compromising utility. What’s Next: Expansion: The CompFlo Application is available to licensed and certified appraisers in Michigan as well as Midwest Appraisal Management’s lender clients. In the coming months, the CompFlo extraction technology will be processing several hundred thousand appraisals submitted by the appraisal community. In return, CompFlo will be free until such time that the database matures and becomes worthy of payment.



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