Appraisal Management MI, IN, OH, FL | Midwest Appraisal Management


Midwest Appraisal Management is a regional Appraisal Management Company (AMC) serving Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida. This is a proven model that has several advantages over a national AMC. The largest of which is reducing third-party risk. Our measured and deliberate growth with our clients allows us to become experts in the varying compliance requirements in each state. Midwest Appraisal Management offers a full fee to the real estate appraisers that partner with us. Appraisal costs vary across the country. This forces many national appraisal management companies to take a larger portion of the appraiser’s fee in states like those highlighted above to supplement their losses in other parts of the country where appraisals cost them more. Midwest Appraisal Management’s commitment to adhere to the individual appraiser’s fee schedule increases the supply of appraisers that want to work with us, improving both the appraisal quality and service that we receive. It makes the subjective “customary and reasonable fee” requirement a non-issue and is a model that encourages new appraisers into the profession.